1. Chaison Park

From the recording Dining Room


Chaison Park
Ted Pearce © 2021

There’s a place in Beaumont Texas where I really used to want to go
Back when I was just a little boy
Oh man, it was so long ago
It was a place called Chaison Park
I just wanted to go and play out in Chaison Park

Ya see, mama left us with the day care folks
Because she had to run away from home
Those people didn’t know her and they didn’t know us
None of us knew where she’d gone
While the other kids played...
Up in the attic we stayed across from Chaison Park

I don’t know why people gotta do all the crazy things that we do
Over and over and over again and always reaching for more
Kids having kids having babies again and all of us are going to cry
Still we are wondering why and where are we sleeping tonight?

I remembered that scared little boy today
When something hurt in a familiar way
And I realized he never left that place
He still wants to go out and play at Chaison Park
But you can never go back
I don’t want to go back to Chaison Park