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Press photos

credit: Courtney Meadows

All Photos: Courtney Meadows

Press / Reviews

Hey there t.Roy I really love the soulful yet edgy sound that you have going on here. What a great track. I will be honoured to play it on my show "Into the Groover" live on this coming monday 7th August at 6pm BST. The show will also be available on Mixcloud a day or so later. Don't know how I missed your last submission, but please send more cheerrs Gaz” - Gaz

Deal Radio CIC

MUSIC MEDIA Hello t.Roy & The Smoking Section, thank you for sharing your new song with us. We have added it to our playlist 'THE BEST MUSIC OF THE WEEK' and shared it on our social media and with our team. The song has a completely organic instrumentation, just the way we like it, with that wonderful sound of the instruments, especially the guitar, which is expertly played alongside the organ, giving the song a great groove. Your voice effectively conveys the essence of each lyric, with soft backing vocals providing excellent accompaniment. Congratulations! Cheers!” - Music Media Spain

Music Media Spain

This is actually the crossroads of American music. When Gospel, Soul and the Blues meet...Southern Soul, if you want it. Soul shouters like Al Green or the Staple Singers did it in the good old days and now T. Roy & the Smoking Section is bringing it all back home again. Churchy organ sound, Gospel backing vocals and, more importantly, a catchy melody that sticks like glue in the back of your mind. It's part of a tradition not unlike the solo work of Warren Haynes or Mike Farris more contemporarily. I'm sure from the moment you play it you'll find out why this is truly God's music. Tune of the week!” - Full Level Rock Magazine

Full Level Rock Magazine

RADIO CAVIAR MUSICAL greetings again! how much musical quality there is in the melodies and composition of "Hurting Each Other". everything fits perfectly from the brass section, the choirs and vocals, the Hammond with its personal sound, a piece of music that shows a lifetime of sonic experience. we hope and wish from the bottom of our hearts that you can sign with a label and see you touring in this part of europe, we will help promoting your fantastic music. THIS IS ALWAYS YOUR MUSICAL HOME!” - Radio Caviar

Radio Caviar